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Financial Information

The payment for Nursing Home Care is 'means tested' on an individual basis, this means that your personal financial status will determine whether you will pay privately or be Trust-funded.



If you have savings over 23,250 then you will be Privately Funded, i.e. this means that you will pay the full cost of 624 per week. However, the Government have introduced a payment for Privately Funded residents whereby they will pay 100 per week towards your costs, which will reduce your payment to 524 per week. As a Privately Funded person you are entitled to claim Attendance Allowance as well as your Pensions.



If you have less than 23,250 the Trust will assist you to pay for care in that they will carry out an assessment and if you have less than 14,250 then you are totally Trust Funded. If you fall between the 23,250 and 14,250 bracket then you will be part funded.



If you are totally Trust Funded you will be in receipt of some benefits. Most of these benefits will be taken to assist with the payment of your fees, except for 24.40 which is called a Personal Allowance - the Government states this is money to meet your personal needs whilst in a care home.

The rest of your benefits will be calculated and used to pay some of the fees and the Trust will make up the difference to 581 per week. You will notice that there is a shortfall of 43 per week from what the Trust pay and our fee at Cornfield. This 43 shortfall has occurred due to the Government failing to meet the fair price for care as reported by Price Waterhouse Coopers in a Report dated 2004.


Example : (Resident's fees Totally Trust Funded)

It is made up of three elements :

1. Client contribution]

2. Trust contribution ]


= 581.00


3. Additional Charge = 43.00 paid by the individual in all circumstances


Points 1. and 2. above are detailed further in the example below; these figures used are purely indicative and created for the purpose of this example - they are not necessarily the same amounts you are receiving.


581 per week :





Retirement Pension   124.40  
Other Benefits +  20.00  
Total       144.40 the Trust will make up the difference to 581
Minus Personal Allow.  -24.40  
Client Contribution per week   120.00 Trust Contribution = 461.00 per week

Your weekly charge is then 120.00 client contribution plus the third party charge of 43.00 per week = 163.00 per week plus any hairdressing or any extra items previously agreed with the Centre.



Part funded works the same as Trust funded, except for the fact that for every 250 savings over 14,250 you will pay 1 - this is called 'tariff from savings'.


Example : (Resident's fees Partly Trust Funded)

If a resident has 14,250 savings/capital and we use the above example of 120, client contribution plus the 1 for every 250 above 14,250.

15,250 capital minus 14,250 allowance leaves capital of 1,000, this is divided by 250 and multiplied by 1 for every 250 = 4 tariff from savings.

Therefore, your client contribution would be 120 as above plus 4 tariff from savings = 124. The Trust contribute the difference of 457 to make up 581 in total. The third party charge is also payable, therefore, total payment for the client is 124 plus 43 Third Party Charge which = 167.

Your bill should read :

Client contribution 124 per week
Third Party Charge 43 per week
Total Weekly Charge = 167 per week



The Resident's Invoices are calculated on the calendar month in arrears & are sent out two weeks prior to the Invoice Date. Cornfield Care Centre operate a Direct Debit payment system for all Residents.



Some families who live abroad have asked that we make arrangements for their relative to receive toiletries when required and bill them for it. We offer each resident this same service and can provide the following :

Talc, Soap, Foam Bath/Shower Gel, Toothpaste, Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant

All of the above can be supplied at a cost of 6 per week, which can be added to your existing invoice. This is an optional service, which any resident can avail of if they wish.



Respite Care alone carries a set charge of 131.70 per week, which is made up of 88.70, plus the 'third party charge' of 43.

You are entitled to 8 weeks Respite Care in any one year.


All of the above details and figures are relevant for the period 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015.

There is an annual increase of the above fees carried out each year on 1st April - this increase is dictated by the Government. 

If you are unclear or would like further clarification in regards to the above please do not hesitate to contact Ewen Harper (Finance Manager) on 028 777 61300 and we will attempt to resolve your concerns.

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