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Our Core Values

Quality Care

Good quality care means “a good experience for residents” we can achieve this by ensuring that residents receive as high a standard of care possible by highly motivated and knowledgeable staff who will provide safe, effective and prompt nursing interventions where necessary.

We will discuss Care needs at regular reviews in order that everyone is happy with the Plan of Care put in place to meet those needs, this will be a holistic approach to physical, psychological, spiritual and the emotional needs of residents.

All care will be efficient, effective and carried out with humanity and compassion.

Quality of Life

The main thing that determines quality of life is the ability to enjoy all that life has to offer.  It is full of meaning and purpose and enables us to make choices about what we do with our time.

Residents have the right to normal relationships with families and friends and our staff will accommodate this as far as possible. You will also be able to receive visitors at any reasonable time and you can make contact with relatives or friends whenever you choose.

You will have the opportunity to engage in the on-going and meaningful Activity Programme within the home, and we welcome any suggested activities that you wish to see incorporated.

Dignity & Respect

Respect takes into account other’s privacy and dignity, their physical space and belongings, also their different viewpoints, philosophies, religion, gender, lifestyle, ethnic origin, physical ability, beliefs and personality.

You have the right to person centred care and will be shown sensitivity and tact at all time


Each member of staff will respect your rights to be left alone, undisturbed and free from unnecessary intrusion and a balanced consideration will be made in relation to your privacy and your care needs.

You have the right to private time with your family and staff will avoid providing care whilst your family visit to allow you quality time together, however dependent on the duration of the visit staff may have to interrupt your privacy to provide necessary care.


You have the right to confidentiality in that the information you share with us or we gain whilst looking after you will be managed appropriately and not disclosed without your permission except when required by legislation or the need to protect the well-being of others.

Equality & Diversity

You have the right to be treated equally and your culture and background will be valued, we will try to accommodate any needs you may have in relation to your culture and your background as far as possible.  We welcome and value the benefits of a diverse culture within our Home.


You have the right to independence and the staff will assist you to live as independent a life as possible.

The staff will respect your wish to live an independent life and will make you aware if your care is compromised as a result.

You have the right to carry out activities with family and friends as you did prior to coming into Cornfield and staff will facilitate this where possible.

Rights & Choices

You have the same rights as any other individual in society, the right to fulfilment and enjoyment.  The right to have your choices respected and to partake in on-going activities in the Home.  As far as possible you will decide how you wish to live and how you wish to be cared for.


You have the right to feel as safe as possible in all aspects of your care and life, free from exploitation and abuse.

We will assess your care needs and allow you to take risks if we feel they are acceptable.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to enrich and enhance the quality of life for our residents, this will be achieved by embracing all aspects of the health and social care within an environment designed and equipped to provide the highest standard of care within a peaceful and tranquil setting.

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