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Visiting during Covid-19 Pandemic

Visiting policy introduced during the COVID 19 Pandemic

The safety of the people in our care and our staff is paramount. We will always follow the current guidelines set out by Government for delivering care in Cornfield Care Centre.

The visiting policies during this COVID 19 pandemic are reviewed on a regular basis and are subject to change.

We endeavour to take into account not only the health but the mental wellbeing of our residents and the impact of isolation that are placed upon them for their safety.

Designated visitors to pods in social room

Visiting to be restricted to two designated visitors per resident. If the resident does not have a family member this could be a designated friend.

The designated visitors to the pod must give the Administrator their full details such as name, address and contact details which will be held by the Home.


To be able to control the possible transmission of the virus to our residents and to be able to trace and track cases more effectively while effectively adhering to the Department of Health’s Guidelines.

A risk assessment will be carried out prior to visiting.

Visiting for residents with palliative care needs

Visiting for residents who are palliative /end of life is different in every case.  Each case must be discussed and agreed with the Home Manager to allow for the safest and most appropriate visiting for that resident and their family .

Every effort will continue to be made to ensure visitors spend quality time with their loved ones at this difficult time.

The appointments can be made with the Nursing Sister of the unit.

A risk assessment will be carried out prior to visiting.

Care Partner Visits

A  Care Partner is a defined practical role to provide additional support to a resident in the Home.

This person is a close family friend or a relative and plays an essential role, on a regular basis, on maintaining a resident’s health and wellbeing.

A care partner is in addition to visiting however it is important to highlight it should not be viewed as simply another opportunity to visit. A Care Partner supports their relative with an identified need such as encouraging them to eat and drink.

The Care Partner can’t visit without an appointment, initially the number of visitors is kept to a minimum. (One person)

This visit is one hour per week and will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

A risk assessment will be carried out.


Mission Statement

Our aim is to enrich and enhance the quality of life for our residents, this will be achieved by embracing all aspects of the health and social care within an environment designed and equipped to provide the highest standard of care within a peaceful and tranquil setting.

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